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While the rooster and the five point star have both been symbolic of the Democratic Party in different regions and at different times, the donkey has been most recognized mascot of the Party since at least 1880. The donkey has never been the official mascot or an official symbol of the party despite its popular use as a kind of unofficial logo.


The earliest use of the donkey in logos featured a standing donkey with a blue top and a red bottom with our white stars placed in a line on the blue top. A later version featured a kicking donkey with a red head and a blue body. The donkey is a work animal; the kicking donkey is resisting exploitation and oppression. The Monroe County Democratic Party incorporates the kicking donkey and the stars in its logo.


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The official logo of the Democratic Party is the powder blue D inside of a light blue circle and was officially adopted by the Party in 2010. Blue is the recognized color of Democratic Party mostly due to the television stations established use of blue for Democrats and red for Republican some time after the invention of color television.



An early logo of the Michigan Democratic Party featured a white background with the large red letters “MDP”. A kicking donkey was cut out of the bold red letters. A later logo utilized a light blue background with large white letters with the kicking donkey cut out of the bold letters.



A more recent logo of the Michigan Democratic Party is a clever play on the dark blue letters “MI” followed by a blue silhouette of the Michigan map and the light blue letters “DEMS” all together representing “My Michigan Democrats”.  Blue has become the dominant color with contrast of dark blue for Michigan and light blue for Democrats.


(Click on the image to view or download a higher quality image from the Michigan Democratic Party)


Many of Michigan Democratic Party logo variations incorporate a silhouette of the Michigan state map. The Monroe County Democratic Party incorporates a silhouette of the Monroe county map.


The Michigan Democratic Party also uses a graphic with the large, bold white letters “MDP” on a light blue background. The words “Michigan Democratic Party in white and dark blue are situated under the letters. I'm not sure that this can be called a logo, but it represents a kind of evolution in the brand that has pushed out the donkey and the map silhouette but retained the bold letters and the blue colors dominated by a light blue and contrasted with a darker blue.



The logo of the Monroe County Democratic Party has been in use since at least November 2009. The logo incorporates the kicking Democratic donkey (red head and blue body) with a silhouette of the Monroe County map the background and a partial ring of blue stars. The donkey’s head faces right and it kicks to the left; its feet are anchored on the southeast corner of the Monroe County map. The ring of blue stars circles from the donkey’s toes, around the east side of the Monroe County map to the donkey’s tail near the northwest corner of the Monroe County map.



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The county party logo can be incorporated into a graphic consistant with the state party brand. Two examples follow. Use the graphic with the white background when printing to save ink/toner.


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