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New Blue Democrats are Progressive Democrats working within the Party for progressive change. We aren't the old, faded blue, center-left Democrats. We support bold initiatives such as single-payer healthcare, we oppose military intervention for regime change, we think education should be free at public colleges and universities, if a corporation is too big to fail it is too big and needs to be broken up, corporations and the insanely wealthy must pay their fair share of taxes, moving away from fossil fuel to clean energy is an emergency and deserves to be taken seriously and there is no justice so long as it is a crime to be poor, black or to smoke marijuana in a nation that refuses to prosecute the bank executives who destroyed our economy. This is what it means to be New Blue and we are committed to moving the Democratic Party left not only because it is just and fair but because it may be necessary to our survival as a species.

Political Revolution

 “We want to revitalize the Democratic Party.”

~Sen. Bernie Sanders
I need your help. As most of you already know, I support Bernie Sanders for President. Many of you are also Sanders supporters. With the Presidential Primary behind us in Michigan it might seem we have done our part, but we still have much to do.
The Political Revolution isn’t so much about electing Bernie Sanders as it is about ending establishment politics. And that doesn’t start in Washington, Lansing, the county seat or even in your township … it starts in the Democratic Party.
I have been active in the Michigan Democratic Party since May 2011, even after almost 5 years I am still amazed by how few people actively participate. To my mind, the Political Revolution is about participation.
Democrats are not homogenous; most of those who are currently active in the Party are center-left Democrats. Many are single-issue Democrats whose hot-button issues are labor, the environment or LGBT rights. The leadership of the Party is NOT so far to the left as we are on the broader list of issues.
The participation of more Progressive Democrats will move the Party left!
It starts with Party membership …
You must be a member of the Party to actively participate in the conventions and committees of the Party. Becoming a member of the Party is easy, just visit to join electronically with you contribution of $10 or more.
Unless you are an elected precinct delegate, you will have to be a Party member 30 days ahead of the upcoming District Convention being held on May 21st to participate. Get your membership current by April 21st.
All membership levels and their associated contributions are “suggested”. If you don’t have the ability to make a contribution, just print the membership form found at and write "FREE" in the "Other" contribution level. If you can contribute, please do so … your contributions are very important to the Party but your membership is welcome either way.
We can’t ask our Party and our candidates to stop taking money from the pockets of big money donors unless we start making so many small donations that the Party and our candidates are strong without them. We can’t say our people are worth more than their money unless we all go to work and make our grassroots activity more meaningful than their big campaign contributions.
The next step is to end establishment politics ….
This isn’t an “us – them” Party unless we let be one. The conventions, committees and officers of the Party are the people who did more than post something to Facebook … they became precinct delegates, serveed on committees and became officers.
It all starts with becoming a precinct delegate and participating in the fall county convention. Later in the year precinct delegates reconvene and elect an executive committee for the county Party.
Download a Precinct Delegate Affidavit of Identity and Reciept of Filing form at Complete Section I at home; do NOT complete Section II until you are in front of a Notary Public. The affidavit must be submitted to the county clerk by May 3rd to get your name on the ballot.
The Executive Committee of the Monroe County Democratic Party meets again on Monday, April 25th, 7:00 PM at Commissioners Chambers, 106 E First St, Monroe MI 48161. This is a business meeting so don’t expect to be entertained, but attending this meeting will help you to see how much the Party needs you and your participation.
If you bring your affidavit with you, I will notarize it and turn it in the next day. If you want to socialize with Democrats afterward some of us get together at the 129 Lounge, 129 E Front St, Monroe MI 49161.
Thank you for your time and your progressive support,
Ernie Whiteside
Progressive Club Chair
14224 S Dixie Hwy
Monroe, MI 48161
(734) 735-0494
PS. The 26th Annual Unity Dinner is Saturday, April 23rd. There are still seats available. This is a fundraising event with guest speakers and local candidates. The price is $50 per seat; call me if you would like a seat at the Progressive Club Table.



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 Progressive Democrats of Monroe is an official Progressive Club of the Michigan Democratic Party
and a Membership Chapter of Progressive Democrats of America.

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